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Fly to Me (10/??)

Title: Revelation
Anime/Manga/Series: Original
Who: Harada Asaki (Japanese name order), Tristan Norcross
What: The boys relocate to somewhere outside the recording studio immediately after their confrontation with Kurowa.
Rating: PG-13 (language)

If we were to continue this, it'd have to be from this point. ^^;


Tristan blinked at Asaki as he was all but dragged down the hallway. He didn't bother to jerk his hand out of the other man's grip, not even completely aware of what was going on. However, one thing had clearly stuck in his mind.

Asaki had used his first name.

He glanced over at Asaki in confusion for a moment. Why had he suddenly called him that? And what exactly had Kurowa been to Asaki for him to call the other man by his first name? It couldn't have been something good, especially if he was to judge by what he had just seen. Tristan wasn't sure if Asaki had seen him watching him. But he had clearly seen Asaki freeze, just as he had. Of course, Tristan managed to break out of the spell Kurowa had somehow woven around him.

Damn him... after all this time... Kurowa could still do that. How dare he.

"Harada," Tristan snapped, recognizing where they were going. They were heading towards an exit. This was bad. Especially since Magira-san had insisted on them going to the recording studios. He jerked his hand out of Asaki's grip, spinning Asaki around to stare at him. "Just where the hell do you think you're going? Magira-san said we were supposed to go to the recording studios now. We can't just leave like that! If we just disappear..."

"It would be better for both of us if you just disappeared, Norcross-san."

Tristan's composure faltered for only a second before he pulled away from Asaki and scowled at him. "If we disappear without a word, Magira-san will tear up Tokyo looking for you, you know that. Have some common sense, would you?"

Practically yanked backwards, Asaki had no choice but to wheel around when Tristan pulled roughly from his grip. Despite the amusement the Englishman's sharp words had temporarily caused only a moment ago, his eyes continued to smolder. Glaring at him now, it was obvious that he was far from calm.

Kurowa, in the less tangible form of performer and popular icon, was inescapable. It hadn't taken him long to figure that out. But when a great deal of effort was put into avoiding a face to face meeting... ...That only made this whole pleasant little exchange that much more capable of shaking up any composure Asaki possessed. He needed to get out of the building, if only to breathe some fresh air... something. The atmosphere in here had gotten much too oppressive.

"Oh... Magira-san said, did she...?" He snapped, unable to keep from redirecting his frustration to the next target available. "Then we'd better run back and do as she commands like good boys, ne...!? I'm getting out of here, that's where the hell I'm going."

He was sure Kurowa had taken pleasure in seeing him so speechless and weak in his presence. He hated himself for how he behaved... the way he was still behaving... but most of all, he hated that damn, green eyed demon.

"Gomen..." Harsh and riled couldn't quite cover the tone to his voice right now. "...but I don't care. I'm not in the mood and I just... don't... care. Okay? It won't be the first time she's had to chase after me and it won't be the last." He had noticed the shape of a cigarette pack inside one of Tristan's jacket pockets, and with a step closer he abruptly reached in to take it, not a word spoken. Though he only placed one between his lips, he took the whole thing with him when turned and again started for the door.

"You do what you want."

"Harada-san! Matte yo!"

Tristan sighed, giving up. Reason wouldn't work with him, but he'd be damned if he just let Asaki leave on his own... Sighing, he ran to catch up with him, digging his cell phone out of his pocket. He'd have to make up some excuse as to why neither of them were there...

He quickly typed in a text message to Magira's cell phone, explaining that neither of them were feeling very well and they both decided it was pointless to do anything in that state, promising to actually work later. Sending the text message, he tucked the phone back into his pocket and caught up to Asaki and reclaimed his package of cigarettes, removing one and digging into another pocket for his lighter even as he put the package back in his jacket pocket. He lit his own cigarette, offering the lighter to Asaki with one hand once he was done.

"You won't have to worry about Magira-san chasing you down today. I told her you weren't feeling well and had to leave," Tristan explained, hand shaking almost imperceptibly as he secured his fingers around his cigarette.

Kurowa hadn't changed, that much was for certain. Still the same controlling, opinionated bastard that Tristan remembered. He had seen how Asaki had reacted to Kurowa and Tristan himself had reacted no better. But Asaki seemed...extremely upset by Kurowa and he didn't know why. They obviously had some history together, but Tristan couldn't imagine what had transpired between them. However, that wasn't the most prominent thing on his mind. No, what he was thinking about was Kurowa wrapping his arms around him, speaking to him with that voice that he hated... The encounter still left him feeling as though he was going to be sick and the cigarette was most certainly not helping.

At least his hands seemed to stop shaking.

"Gomen ne. It seems we were both on edge because of Kurowa-san... I didn't mean to snap at you like that."

Once he got outside, Asaki didn't go much farther. Honestly, that same weak, queasy feeling hadn't left him... still to the point that he felt it would become noticeable if he continued walking. Of course he wouldn't say anything. It was easy enough to lean back against the wall of the building and attempt to regain some semblance of self control.

"She won't believe that." Sparking up the cigarette he had stolen, he tossed the lighter back to it's owner, then crossed one arm across his waist. An unconscious, defensive pose. "...Doesn't matter." Falling silent, Asaki stared off for a moment before glancing back at Tristan. He didn't respond to his apology, but that in itself implied that he actually regretted his own behavior as well. Tristan was on edge?... Why would he be? He hadn't been able to focus on it before, but now...

"...He was a tough client, I take it..."

"Mmm..." was all the response that Tristan offered, cursing to himself as the hand holding his cigarette started shaking again. He forced his hand to remain still as he removed the cigarette from his lips, exhaling the smoke carefully. "He was an asshole. But I'm sure you know that already..."

Falsely colored blue eyes narrow a bit while he studied the other man. Sure, the Englishman had had to work for that self centered, arrogant, cruel bastard... not to mention been somewhat molested just a few minutes ago... but was that enough to disturb him to the degree Asaki suspected? Was it just his imagination, or was Tristan trembling? Having looked away briefly, his eyes returned to him with those last words. Yeah. I do know that. After taking a long drag off his cigarette, he released a heavy sigh. "Why are you shaking...?" Asaki asked flatly, turning his gaze again once more.

"I'm not." Okay, that was a lie, but there was no way in hell Tristan would ever admit to being anything other than perfectly calm.

"Yes." This curiousity Tristan's reaction had caused wasn't good... especially when Asaki was in no way prepared to explain his own. Still, he couldn't help it. Not with all he knew about Kurowa... not when Tristan was now such an unavoidable presence in his life. Not that he really cared or anything. "...You are." Feeling stable enough, Asaki pushed away from the wall and used his free hand to grab Tristan's raised wrist. "Stop it." He hissed softly.

Tristan watched the half-smoked cigarette fall from his hand and land on the floor and, had he not been out of sorts, he would have thought to put it out. Instead, he jerked his hand out of Asaki's grip and pulled away, scowling at him. "Nothing's wrong. I'm fine. Stop imagining things, Harada-san." As calmly as he could manage, he pulled a fresh cigarette out of the pack in his pocket and lit it, appearing to be fine for the moment.

Easily letting go when Tristan pulled his hand back, the singer stared a second longer, watching him replace the fallen cigarette with a fresh one, before scoffing and stepping back to his previous spot. Balancing his own cigarette between his lips, both arms were folded tightly. Maybe it really was more his imagination than anything else... It was difficult to focus clearly on much of anything at the moment. All he knew, was that, for whatever reason, he simply couldn't put up with Kurowa having the same effect on Tristan as he had had on him. He and the designer still weren't on the best of terms... he shouldn't be even the slightest bit concerned... but no one deserved that. Lost in thought, he remained silent, his eyes settled blankly on whatever happened to be straight ahead.

Tristan fell silent, watching Asaki for a minute. Asaki...wasn't concerned, was he? He would have smiled if he hadn't been so shaken up from what happened moments before. Instead, Tristan took a moment to will himself calm again, although he wasn't so sure it was working. "Never expected to run into him again..."

Shifting his weight uncomfortably, Asaki exhaled a thick cloud of smoke but said nothing for several minutes longer. "Yeah..." The words finally formed, his tone heavy but as devoid of any real detectable emotion as possible. Slowly lowering his hands, he slipped them into his pockets. "...wish I could say that."

"Should never have come back to Japan," Tristan muttered. "This place is more trouble than it's worth... Especially with someone like him around..." He couldn't shake the feeling that Kurowa was definitely up to something. Touching him like that, something he had never done when Tristan worked for him previously, seemed to prove it. And the way he had spoken to Asaki... This whole thing wasn't adding up. "I didn't know you two knew each other, though, Harada-san. Must have been before I came here the first time. I never would have expected it, though... Kurowa-san never mentioned anything about..."
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